About this website

This website runs on a home server and a home internet connection. The internet speed is 10/10 Gbit/s, so it's probably more limited by my equipment than any artificial speed caps.

This is mainly just a fun spare time project for me that I use to teach myself about and experiment with networking, web and file servers, VMs, VPNs and more. Therefore there are no guarantees about availability and uptime, even though I do try to maximize those. I would estimate it to be about 99.7%.

If the website is down, it might be that I'm trying out some new stuff that either takes time or it failed and you will have to wait for me to finish or fix it. Or more likely I'm just rebooting the server for whatever reason. It's also possible that my internet connection goes down because of ISP issues, which are in theory more common with home connections than business services, but as of yet I haven't noticed any problems.

My contact info:

E-mail: ajp_anton hotmail com
WhatsApp: +358401372008
Telegram: @ajp_anton
Facebook: /ajpanton87
Discord: ajp_anton#1944